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Time for a Reality Check on Nuclear Diplomacy

Former Governor Jerry Brown and CNS Director Bill Potter’s op/ed in the San Francisco Chronicle on the eve of the NPT PrepCom. …read more From:: James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies


NPT Briefing Book 2019

The book presents key documents related to the 2020 NPT review cycle, and captures developments since the last edition. …read more From:: James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies


New Russian ‘drone mothership’ submarine launched

Russia has launched its first submarine designed to launch the new Poseidon nuclear armed unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) at the Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk. The nearly complete Project 09852 special-purpose nuclear-powered submarine, Belgorod, was...


Assessing India’s anti-satellite missile test

Key Points The ASAT missile appears to combine booster vehicles from India’s Agni-III and -V ballistic missiles with a kinetic kill vehicle derived from its anti-ballistic-missile interceptor. Given its sensitive relationship with India, China...


Turkey’s S-400 procurement increases US sanction potential

Key Points Turkey’s determination to acquire the S-400 air defence system reflects an effort to address a strategic deficiency in its defence infrastructure, as well as the government’s interest in deepening ties with Russia....


CDC Reports 71 New Measles Cases in a Week

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said today it had recorded 626 cases of measles in 22 states as of April 19, the highest rate of infection in five years […] More...


2CR and 173rd train joint CBRN tactics at Grafenwoehr

For the first time in history, the chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear reconnaissance platoons of the 2d Cavalry Regiment and 173rd Airborne Brigade came together to conduct joint training at the 7th Army Training...


Pandora Report: 4.19.2019

Happy Friday all! We hope this morning finds you well and ready for your weekly dose of all things biodefense. As we’re getting closer to the May 1st discount deadline, have you registered for...


US Hails Kurdistan demining authority

WASHINGTON DC (Kurdistan24) – IKMAA—Iraqi Kurdistan Mine Action Agency—has long worked to clear the Kurdistan Region of mines. Its efforts originally focused on those left behind by the regime of Saddam Hussein and its...

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