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Last-minute deal extends program to protect chemical plants

Senators have struck a last-minute deal to extend a program regulating how manufacturers must guard against potential terror attacks, calming fears from business groups about a lapse. The Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program...


White House sought military strike against Iran

Washington (AFP) Jan 14, 2019 – The White House demanded that the military draft plans for strikes on Iran after attacks in Iraq last year, sparking concern at the Pentagon and State Department, The...


Iran to launch two satellites in ‘coming days’

Tehran (AFP) Jan 14, 2019 – Iran launched a satellite criticised by the United States on Tuesday but it failed to reach orbit, state television quoted the telecommunications minister as saying. “The Payam satellite...


Iran satellite in US row fails to reach orbit

Tehran (AFP) Jan 15, 2019 – Iran launched a satellite criticised by the United States as a breach of a UN resolution on Tuesday but it failed to reach orbit, the telecommunications minister said....


Surface Navy 2019: USN mulls Chinese missile advancements

China’s missile-force improvements, highlighted in a recent Pentagon report, have caused the leaders to reassess Chinese capability. “It changes your calculations,” Admiral Bill Moran, US vice chief of naval operations, said during a media...


OPCW to add Novichok nerve agent to banned substance list

The world’s chemical weapons agency agreed to add Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok, used in last year’s Salisbury attack against a former Russian agent, to its list of banned substances, diplomats said on Monday, January...


MBDA validates dual-role capability for Mistral missile

MBDA has validated a dual-role capability with the latest version of its Mistral very short-range surface-to-air missile with a demonstration of a surface-to-surface engagement with effector at an undisclosed range off the Mediterranean coast...

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