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Germany plans expanded artillery capabilities

The German Army plans to expand its indirect fire capability and is emphasising its joint fires capability, according to Lieutenant Colonel Uwe Kraft, head of artillery and joint fires branch at the Germany Army’s...


Turns Out, Bat Influenza Can Give You the Flu

In 2012 a novel influenza virus was discovered in bats in South America, which was found to be divergent from the better-understood Influenza A viruses most commonly found in fowls and humans, […] More...


Paris Air Show 2019: Leonardo unveils Falco Xplorer

Italy’s Leonardo has unveiled a new variant of its Falco unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) family, the Falco Xplorer. The new system is larger than some of the existing family of Falco UAVs, with a...


Iran press slams German FM’s defence of EU on nuclear deal

Tehran (AFP) June 11, 2019 – Iran’s conservative press Tuesday mocked the EU’s position on a 2015 nuclear deal abandoned by Washington, accusing Germany’s foreign minister of exhibiting both impotence and high-handedness during talks...


Pandora Report: 6.14.2019

It’s nearly July, have you signed up for the Summer Workshop on Pandemics, Bioterrorism, and Global Health Security, to get your early registration discount? Also – as you enjoy the summer weather, practice bat...

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