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Babcock remains positive as profits drop 47%

British shipbuilder and defence contractor Babcock International has reported a 47% drop in profit year on year for the 2018 financial year after being hit by GBP161 million (USD203 million) of exceptional costs, primarily...


Syria offensive raises chemical attack fears

The apparent lack of progress that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces are making in a new offensive has raised concerns that they will resort to using chemical weapons. “Unfortunately, we continue to see signs...


Novichoks: What is there to worry about?

By: Lt. Col. Tanos, Brazilian Military Institute of Engineering, and Prof. Kuča, University of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic “Newcomer” is the translation of the Russian word “novichok” (Новичо́к in Cyrillic). This was the name...


Indian Air Force test fires BrahMos-A from Su-30MKI

The Indian Air Force (IAF) successfully test fired the BrahMos-A (Air) supersonic cruise missile from a Sukhoi Su-30MKI multirole fighter on 22 May against a land target off the country’s east coast in the...


Honey, I Shrunk the Lab

A new report examines emerging microfluids technology and its implications for chem, bio, and nuclear weapons. …read more From:: James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies



THIELMANN WEW has received an order to deliver a self-contained 10,000 liter (2,642 US gallon) water transport and dispensing unit for the Croatian armed forces. The order, placed in February 2019, will see THIELMANN...


Roketsan unveils urban combat support weapon developments

Roketsan of Turkey has disclosed company-funded development of two new lightweight guided support weapon systems for combat operations in an urban environment: CIDA and Yatağan. The company classifies the CIDA Weapon System as a...


CNS Activities at the 2019 NPT PrepCom

A multitude of CNS experts, students, and alumni participated in the NPT PrepCom. …read more From:: James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies


Pandora Report: 5.17.2019

GMU Biodefense Spring Graduates It’s that time of year and we’re so excited to celebrate the graduation of several students from the Schar Biodefense graduate program. Congrats to Carlos Alvarado, Nicolas Bertini, Anna Cannone,...


AF: Investing for the future in EW

Key Points The Royal Australian Air Force is enhancing its electronic warfare capabilities, particularly signals intelligence This could result in the force possessing highly advanced SEAD capabilities The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) is...


GMU Biodefense Graduate Student Awards – 2019

We’re so proud to announce two recipients of awards within the biodefense program this year. Below, you can read more about Stephen Taylor (recipient of the Outstanding Biodefense Student Award) and Jennifer Osetek (recipient...

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