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Leidos signs supply chain deal in Australia

US government services group Leidos has signed an agreement with the Australian Department of Defence (DoD) to support the Australian defence industry’s efforts to secure export contracts. Under the accord – announced by the...


Israelis kill Hamas commander in undercover Gaza raid

Seven Palestinians, including a local Hamas commander, have been killed during an Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian officials say. An Israeli soldier was also killed and another wounded, the Israeli military said,...


When chemical weapons killed 90,000

(CNN)– World War I ushered in an era of chemical weapons use that lingers, lethally, into the present day. Indeed, the German chlorine attacks against French, Algerian, British and Canadian troops around Ypres —...


The Role of Dental Professionals in Bioterrorism Response

As dental professionals are an integral part of the healthcare community, they should be educated regarding the medical and oral manifestations of the diseases that result from a bioterrorist attack or pandemic [Read more]...


US abruptly postpones top-level N. Korea talks

Washington (AFP) Nov 7, 2018 – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday abruptly shelved plans to meet a top North Korean official in New York, the latest twist in diplomatic attempts to...


Seoul says N. Korea asked to delay Pompeo talks: report

Seoul (AFP) Nov 8, 2018 – North Korea asked the United States to delay planned high-level talks in New York this week, Seoul’s top diplomat said Thursday, a day after Washington abruptly announced the...

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