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Pandora Report: 1.17.2020

Happy Friday! We’re glad to start the weekend with a healthy dose of all things biodefense. Before we get too far down the nCoV-2019 rabbit hole…Senator Dianne Feinstein recently wrote a letter to DHHS...


Peruvian lithium mining regulation ‘ready this year’

(Reuters) – Peruvian energy and mining minister Juan Carlos Liu said on Thursday he was confident Peru would have regulations for the exploitation of lithium ready in the coming year. Canada’s Plateau Energy Metals...


Brazilian Army releases its new strategic plan

The Brazilian Army has recently released its strategic plan paper covering the period from 2020 to 2023. The document directs the force’s investment effort over the next four years, continuing the army’s transformation process....


Ebola vaccine safety to be studied 5 years post vaccination

The Partnership for Research on Ebola Vaccination (PREVAC) has launched a project called PREVAC-UP with the aim of evaluating three Ebola vaccine regimens for five years after vaccination. The study will assess several factors...


Getting the Full Value from CBRN Sensors

The Question The way to get more reliable and timely warnings for those at risk from CBRN hazards in a way that also constitutes a more cost-efficient use of CBRN sensors is evident from...


CBRN Training in Vietnam

Source: Kênh Truyền hình Quốc phòng Việt Nam – National Defense Television Channel of Vietnam A few weeks ago the Chemical Corps of the People’s Army of Vietnam & local militia carried out a...


CBRNe Country Profile: Australia

The current security situation in Australia could not be fully described without mentioning this season’s fires, which have incinerated more than 2,000 homes and killed at least 25 people throughout the country. New South...

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