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Russia unveils Kinzhal hypersonic missile

The Russian Ministry of Defence has released video of a modified MiG-31BM interceptor conducting a combat training launch of a Kinzhal (Dagger, high-precision hypersonic missile, also referred to as the Kh-47M2). The footage, placed...


The Missile Technology Control Regime at 30

We’re please to provide an overview of this event from the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies on February 14, 2018, by two GMU biodefense graduate students – Christopher Lien and Shauna Triplett. PART...


CRISPR: Researchers Develop Miniature Paper Diagnostic Test

The team that first unveiled the rapid, inexpensive, highly sensitive CRISPR-based diagnostic tool called SHERLOCK has greatly enhanced the tool’s power, and has developed a miniature paper test that allows results to [Read more]...


North Korea silence speaks volumes on US talks

Seoul (AFP) March 12, 2018 – Pyongyang has maintained a deafening silence as news that US President Donald Trump will meet its leader Kim Jong Un made global headlines — and analysts say the...


It’s complicated: China torn on Trump, Kim talks

Beijing (AFP) March 12, 2018 – When China called on the United States to engage in direct talks with North Korea, it probably never imagined it would be absent from the table. Beijing, which...

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