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NextGen Health Security GHSA Reflections – Jamechia Hoyle

Dr. Jamechia Hoyle, Coordinator Next Generation Global Health Security Network, Visiting Scholar/Assistant Professor, Taipei Medical University, Adjunct Professor, George Mason University – Taiwan/USA The 5thGlobal Health Security Agenda (GHSA) Ministerial Meeting, hosted by the...


My dad disarmed landmines with his bare hands

Written by: Abdullah Fakher Ibrahim, 19 My dad, Fakhir Berwari, was a true hero. He worked in the Kurdish army as a ‘deminer’ – meaning that he spent his days manually disarming thousands of...


22 dead in blast outside northern China chemical plant

An explosion outside a chemical plant in northeastern China early Wednesday killed at least 22 people and destroyed scores of vehicles, in the latest challenge to efforts to boost industrial safety in the world’s...


MBDA completes initial Marte ER test flight

MBDA has successfully completed the first test flight of a prototype Marte ER anti-ship missile. “The Marte ER missile flew for more than 100 km on a planned trajectory that included several waypoints and...


South Korea to procure additional ‘Green Pine’ radars

South Korea will procure additional Elta Systems EL/M-2080 ‘Green Pine’ early-warning radar systems to enhance surveillance capability, the country’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) announced on 27 November. DAPA said in a statement that...


‘Trident Juncture’ CPX ends with NRF certification

Exercise ‘Trident Juncture 2018′ ended on 23 November with the completion of the command post exercise (CPX), which began on 14 November. The CPX ended with the certification of the NATO Response Force (NRF)...


Qatari air defence commander says Patriot is operational

Qatar has at least one operational Patriot air-defence system, Major General Hamad al-Dawai al-Nabit, the commander of the recently formed Qatar Emiri Air Defences Forces (QEADF) told journalists during a visit to his headquarters...


France fuel protests: Police in Paris fire tear gas

Police in Paris have used tear gas and water cannon to disperse protesters, in a second weekend of demonstrations sparked by rising fuel prices. Violence erupted on the Champs-Elysées as protesters tried to get...


India increases NSA’s powers amid strategic challenges

Key Points Under Ajit Kumar Doval, the position of Indian National Security Advisor has gained significant new powers and influence, with a bolstered secretariat and a reconstituted Strategic Policy Group. However, in the three...


DARPA awards OpFires Propulsion System development contracts

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Tactical Technology Office has placed separate awards on three contractors to design and develop advanced booster concepts as part of the Operational Fires (OpFires) development programme....


Pandora Report 11.23.2018

We hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! Salmonella is always a risk with turkey but since our readers are fellow biosafety gurus, we’re pretty sure you’ve already scrubbed the kitchen down to the last...


Afghan army mosque blast leaves many dead

At least 12 people have died after an explosion tore through a mosque in Afghanistan’s eastern Khost province. The building was inside an Afghan army base in Mandozai district, where soldiers were offering Friday...

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