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How Trump Used Classified Intel to Troll Iran

If Donald Trump wants to disclose secrets to the Russian ambassador, or to the entire world via Twitter, he may do so. But at a massive cost to the U.S. intelligence apparatus. …read more...


Los Alamos Waste Denied Shipment to WIPP

According to reports, nine containers of transuranic waste are currently stuck at the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s (LANL) Plutonium facility after the Carlsbad Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) refused to take them in July....


Indian health and safety strikes again!

Indian news outlets reported that local farmers were being felled nearly as fast at the pests they were spraying the fields to eradicate. News 18 stated that “31 people were admitted to the Government...


MDA conducts THAAD intercept test using remote launcher

The US Missile Defense Agency (MDA), Ballistic Missile Defense Operational Test Agency, and elements of the US Army E-62 Battery – 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade – on 30 August conducted the first intercept...


The Soldiers Who Took on Yellow Fever

The Yellow Fever Board, led by then-Major Walter Reed and Jesse Lazear, had convened at the Army’s Columbia Barracks in Cuba, at the height of a deadly yellow fever epidemic ravaging Cuba […] More...


Chemical Suicide Injures 9 Others

An apparent chemical suicide at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, California, at the weekend, turned in to a full Hazmat situation when other guests in the hotel began to show symptoms of exposure....


Pandora Report: 8.30.2019

Alumna Spotlight: Biodefense Grad Tam Dang, Dallas County Epidemiologist “Tam Dang started in the biology world, earning her Bachelor’s of Science degree from George Mason University in 2008. But it was her course of...


Top cat: Leopard 2 main battle tank turns 40

On 24 October 1979 the first production Leopard 2, hull number Y-377 046, was handed over to the Bundeswehr’s Panzertruppenschule. Forty years, 3,565 vehicles in over 95 distinct variants, and more than 21 users...


Japanese MoD asks for 1.2% budget increase for FY 2020

Japan’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) proposed on 30 August a defence budget of JPY5.32 trillion (USD50 billion) for fiscal year 2020, putting a stronger emphasis on three new defence domains: cyber, space, and electronic...


S.Korea scrapping Japan pact helps China: US official

Washington (AFP) Aug 27, 2019 – South Korea’s decision to end a military intelligence-sharing pact with Japan will benefit China and reduce the allies’ ability to respond in crises with North Korea, US officials...


Iran-US ties since Trump came to power

Tehran (AFP) Aug 27, 2019 – Relations between Tehran and Washington have spiralled since US President Donald Trump came to power and promptly quit the international deal on Iran’s nuclear programme, reimposing sweeping sanctions...

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