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Remediation of Chemical Agent Contaminated Sites

The Joint Project Manager for Elimination (JPM-E) is evaluating technologies to remediate chemical agent-contaminated soils and debris on site at large chemical weapons burial sites. The project will consist of three phases. The first...


48th CBRN Brigade Soldiers Prepare for Liberia Deployment

MILITARY AVENUE – The 48th Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Brigade’s headquarters will deploy to Liberia to command the reminding American forces supporting the U.S. effort to help contain the worst Ebola outbreak in...


March 2015 Biodefense Policy Seminar–New Location

The Biodefense Policy Seminars are monthly talks focused on biodefense and biosecurity broadly conceived. Free and open to the public, they feature leading figures within the academic, security, industry, and policy fields. March 2015...


Smiths expands Edgewood facility

Smiths Detection announced that they had transitioned their Radseeker from the contracting Danbury (CT) facility to their Edgewood (MD) home… …read more From:: CBRNe World (CBRN)


Airbus snags Bundeswehr jamming contract

Airbus announced that they had landed a several million Euro contract to provide 36 VPJ-R6 jammers (VPJ = Vehicle Protection Jammer). …read more From:: CBRNe World (CBRN)


Arktis receives Darpa funding

Arktis Radiation Detectors has announced that the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA) has approved the company to continue the development of its next generation neutron detection platform. …read more From:: CBRNe World (CBRN)


UN nuclear watchdog holds Tehran talks

Tehran (AFP) March 9, 2015 – Experts from the UN nuclear watchdog held talks in Tehran Monday in their investigation into decade-old allegations of possible military dimensions to Iran’s nuclear programme, the ISNA news...


Letter inflames US feud over Iran talks

Washington (AFP) March 9, 2015 – Barack Obama pilloried Republicans Monday over an incendiary letter to Iran’s leaders that warned a nuclear deal with the United States could be scrapped by the next president....


China non-committal on N. Korea meeting prospects

Beijing (AFP) March 8, 2015 – China on Sunday declined to be drawn on the prospect of a summit between President Xi Jinping and nuclear-armed North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, who is slated to visit...


Micromotors Rapidly Eliminate Biothreats on the Battlefield

Scientists at the University of California–San Diego (UCSD) are speeding ahead to provide new protections for the warfighter by detecting and eliminating biothreats on the battlefield. In a research project managed by Dr. Brian...


908 Devices Announces International Expansion

Following the successful U.S. launch of its flagship product, M908, the company expands availability to Europe and Australia to bring sought after handheld mass spec capabilities to international markets BOSTON, MA – March 4,...


Marine Corps brings emergency medicine to the battlefield

MARINE TIMES – As the Marine Corps reorients toward crisis response missions in Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, the service’s Futures Directorate is developing technology that will ensure serious casualties receive life-saving care within...


Bombings in Nigeria kill at least 50

ALJAZEERA AMERICA – Bomb blasts killed at least 50 people on Saturday in Maiduguri, in Nigeria‘s northeast, in the worst attacks there since armed fighters tried to seize the city in two major assaults...

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