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Ebola outbreak: Spain investigates new case

BBC – Investigations are under way at a hospital in Madrid after a Spanish nurse became the first person known to have contracted the deadly Ebola virus outside West Africa. The nurse had treated...


Ebola drugs are in the works

CNN – Scientists racing to develop something that will stop the largest Ebola epidemic in history are trying a variety of experimental drugs on patients. Without a cure, the disease has killed at least...


Does Islamic State have chemical weapons?

BBC – Let’s get something clear right from the outset. There is no credible evidence to suggest that Islamic State – also known as IS, Isis and Isil – possesses any weapons of mass...


11 children have mystery illness in Colorado

CNN – Some of the children in Colorado and Boston have tested positive for enterovirus D68, a virus that has been sending children around the country to the hospital with severe respiratory illness. But...


Bechtel reorganising business units

Bechtel, a US-based company specialising in engineering services, announced on 6 October that it would be reorganising its business units. The company is creating a new Bechtel Infrastructure unit that will have seven business...


Ebola Help for Sierra Leone Is Nearby, but Delayed on the Docks

TheNewYorkTimes: For the past 2 months, a shipping container packed with protective gowns, gloves, stretchers, mattresses and other medical supplies needed to help fight Sierra Leone’s exploding Ebola epidemic. …read more From:: Virtual Biosecurity...


Botulinum Neurotoxin Countermeasure Discovery

GlobalBiodefense: U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (USAMRICD) is contracting with the Institute of Advanced Sciences, Inc. (IAS) in support of the Defense Threat and Reduction Agency (DTRA) Multicenter Program for Developing...


Ebola Response Road map- WHO

WorldHealthOrganization- The roadmap structure, country reports fall into two categories: those with widespread and intense transmission (Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone); and those with an initial case or cases, or with localized transmission (Nigeria,...


JIEDDO holds competition for new counter-IED systems

ARNEWS – This week at Fort Benning, Georgia, defense contractors are competing to provide the latest technologies to defeat IEDs. The Joint IED Defeat Organization partnered with the Army Research Lab and the Maneuver...


Jihadist plot to grab Iran’s nuclear secrets

THE SUNDAY TIMES – ISIS is urging its members to plan for war with Iran and has ambitions to seize Tehran’s nuclear secrets, according to a manifesto attributed to one of its most senior...


Pandora Report 10.4.14

This week the round up includes Russian bird flu, pregnancy and flu, ISIS threats to British troops, and of course, an Ebola update. Have a great weekend, don’t forget your flu shot, and keep...


Novel Neurotoxin Detection

By Jonathon Marionaux Thousands of chemicals bombard us every day and many of them have not been analyzed in toxicity trials. Currently toxicity trials cost over $1 million dollars and can take many months...


India set to enter global nuclear club

THE ECONOMIC TIMES – India has completed all the requirements for membership to the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), the US told the Indian side during the discussions between...

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