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Syria’s chemical war rages on

THE WASHINGTON POST – THE KILLING WINDS came over the trenches at Ypres, Belgium, in the evening of April 22, 1915, carrying chlorine gas, greenish clouds that unleashed warfare with chemical weapons. Continue reading....


Ebola Poses a New Challenge for U.S. Military

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL – President Barack Obama‘s plan to contain the Ebola outbreak presents the U.S. military with a logistical challenge with few precedents, one that it will be under pressure to execute...


Federal study: U.S. nuke labs unprepared for catastrophe

SANTA FE + NEW MEXICAN – The nation’s nuclear weapons laboratories are woefully unprepared to respond to emergencies, from small radiation leaks to large-scale disasters like the 2011 Fukushima meltdown in Japan, according to...


Two nuclear reactors to be built in UAE

GULF NEWS – The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) of the UAE has authorised the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (Enec) to begin building two additional nuclear power reactors at the Barakah site in...


Joint Event on Iranian Nuclear Negotiation

September 18th public briefing on the current negotiations of Iran’s nuclear program featuring ISIS’ David Albright and CNS’ Jon Wolfsthal. The post Joint Event on Iranian Nuclear Negotiation appeared first on James Martin Center...


OPINION: Free Scotland, Nuclear-Free Scotland

The blue and white Saltire flag of Scotland flutters next to the Union Jack during the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Credit: Vicky Brock/cc by 2.0 By Phil HarrisROME, Sep 16 2014 (IPS) After a two-year...


Remotely operated Husky developed to enhance counter-mine missions

DCD Protected Mobility has partnered with US companies Critical Solutions International and Torc Robotics to develop a remotely operated variant of its well-proven Husky mine-detection system. The remotely operated Husky can be directly controlled...


Announcement of the NCT CBRNe Award 2014 Nominees

In cooperation with CBNW magazine, IB Consultancy is proud to announce the nominees of the Second Edition of the NCT CBRNe Awards. The Awards are a unique opportunity to reward companies and organizations that...


Health fears loom after Kashmir floods

BBC – Officials in Indian-administered Kashmir say they are preparing for an outbreak of water-borne diseases more than a week after the region was hit by the worst flooding in decades. Continue reading. …read...


Packbot eh!

iRobot Wins Contracts Valued at $9.6 Million from Canadian Department of National Defence …read more From:: CBRNe World (CBRN)


What We’re Afraid to Say About Ebola

THE NEW YORK TIMES – The Ebola epidemic in West Africa has the potential to alter history as much as any plague has ever done. There have been more than 4,300 cases and 2,300...


908 Devices land some TSWG cash

908 Devices announced that they had received a $2.6 million award from TSWG for further development of their mass spectrometry …read more From:: CBRNe World (CBRN)

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