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IBC Threat Assessment May 2017

dialogue with Russia focused on de-escalation measures including a halt to US and South Korean military exercises and a halt to the deployment of the THAAD anti-missile system in South Korea. Western media emphasize...


Pandora Report 6.2.2017

Good news – the early registration discount for the Pandemics, Bioterrorism, & Global Health Security Summer Workshop has been extended to July 1st! We’ve got a full Pandora Report for you this week, so...


Huge truck bomb blast kills 90 in Kabul

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has condemned the “cowardly” truck bomb attack that ripped through the heart of Kabul’s diplomatic district, killing at least 90 people and wounding hundreds. The powerful explosion on Wednesday was...


North Korea tests ‘Scud’-based SRBM, air defence system

North Korea test-fired what appears to have been a new ‘Scud’-based short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) on 29 May, shortly after announcing that it successfully tested what was probably an improved version of the country’s...

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