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US Army moves IBCS closer to deployment

The US Army’s effort to network ‘shooters and sensors’ on the battlefield will continue its developmental testing through 2019 with testing of production representative hardware and software, which will lead to operational testing in...


US military apologizes for tweet about dropping bombs

Washington (AFP) Jan 1, 2019 – US Strategic Command apologized Monday for a joke in “bad taste” after tweeting it was ready to drop something “much bigger” than the traditional Times Square crystal ball...


Kim warns N. Korea could consider change of tack

Seoul (AFP) Jan 1, 2019 – Nuclear-armed North Korea wants good relations with the US but could consider a change of approach if Washington maintains its sanctions, leader Kim Jong Un warned in his...


Japan rebukes S. Korea for weapons radar lock on war plane

Tokyo (AFP) Dec 21, 2018 – Japan rebuked South Korea Friday after claiming one of the country’s warships had locked its weapons targeting system onto a Japanese military aircraft. South Korea’s KDX-1 class destroyer...


Pandora Report 1.4.2019

Happy New Year! We’re excited to start the new year with a dose of biodefense news. Here’s a good list of what to expect in science this year – hint: you might see some...


Pandora Report: 12.28.2018

It’s our last Pandora Report newsletter of 2018 and what a year it has been! From horsepox synthesis to CRISPR babies and an Ebola outbreak, 2018 hasn’t been a boring one. As 2019 rolls...


North Korea warns on US sanctions

Seoul (AFP) Dec 17, 2018 – Nuclear-armed North Korea condemned the United States over its latest sanctions measures, warning Washington’s approach could “block the path to denuclearisation on the Korean peninsula forever”. After a...


Iran urges West to end ‘absurdities’ on missiles

Tehran (AFP) Dec 13, 2018 – Iran on Thursday urged the United States and its allies to stop their “absurd” accusations about Iranian missile tests, a day after Washington urged the UN to adopt...


Dead stag installed at former US base in South Korea

Paju, South Korea (AFP) Dec 14, 2018 – A stuffed deer stands in a former US ammunition store just outside the Demilitarized Zone that divides the two Koreas, tree branches spreading up from its...


Pandora Report: 12.21.2018

The holidays may be fast approaching but you can count on us to provide you with the latest news on all things biodefense in the coming weeks. Do you miss the Oregon Trail game?...

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