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Boston Registration Now Live

Registration for CBRNe Convergence 2020 in Boston is now live. Visit the event pages to find out what we have planned and to register your place now, early bird rates availeble until Saturday 1st...


Cyanide Autoinjector Development

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities and Windgap Medical have received a $3.2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop a new device to quickly administer a recently developed antidote...


West Belfast house attacked with pipe bomb

(BBC) – A house in west Belfast with a baby inside was attacked with a pipe bomb early on Tuesday morning. The occupants of the house in Monagh Drive reported hearing two bangs at...


Deadly blast at chemical plant in Tarragona, Spain

(BBC) – Last night, an explosion at the Industrias Químicas del Óxido de Etileno, a chemical plant located in La Canonja municipality, in Spain’s autonomous Catalonia region, has killed at least one person and...


The Memeification of International Security

The next generation does not want war, but they don’t know what else to do besides make memes. …read more From:: James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies


How Trump Got Suckered by Iran and North Korea

He’s pushed Iran closer to going nuclear — and spurred an arms race in North Korea, Russia, and China. …read more From:: James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies


Thailand Confirms Novel Coronavirus in Traveler from Wuhan City

Chinese health authorities release nCoV-2019 full genome; transparency facilitates global biosurveillance efforts. On January 11, 2020, Chinese health authorities preliminarily identified more than 40 human infections with a novel coronavirus in an outbreak of...


NNSA Moves to Expand Plutonium Pit Production

The National Nuclear Security Administration said last week that it will proceed with a plan to sharply expand production of plutonium “pits” — the explosive triggers for thermonuclear weapons — without performing a full...

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