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Myanmar remains reluctant to ratify nuclear protocol

Key Points Myanmar had weapons of mass destruction programmes before the end of military government in 2011, with limited activity unequivocally focused on aspects of producing enriched uranium and possibly weapons. In 2013, Myanmar...


Nine children killed in Afghanistan landmine blast

(Al Jazeera) – Nine children were killed when a planted roadside bomb exploded as they walked to school in a northeastern province of Afghanistan, government and police officials said. The blast happened in Darqad...


Going off board: Technology matures for long-endurance soft-kill decoys

Navies, defence science organisations, and industry are pursuing the development of technologies and techniques that could realise a new generation of persistent countermeasures for anti-ship missile defence. Richard Scott reports Ship-launched countermeasures – radio-frequency...


Putin watches missile launch during nuclear arms drill

Moscow (AFP) Oct 17, 2019 – Russian President Vladimir Putin watched Thursday as the country’s armed forces tested missiles that can carry thermo-nuclear warheads. The Grom-19 or Thunder-19 strategy games began Wednesday and involve...


Kim and Trump have ‘special’ relationship: KCNA

Seoul (AFP) Oct 24, 2019 – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump have a “special” relationship, a top Pyongyang official said Thursday, echoing remarks this week by the American...


Pandora Report: 11.1.2019

We hope you had a spooky Halloween – Zombie flies, anyone? The Pandora Report will be off next week but rest assured, we’ll be back the week of November 15th! Haphazard Success Against Ebola...


CEHC to Launch Center for Advanced Red Teaming (CART)

Historically, independent “red team” groups have been used by the U.S. military to test how well our armed forces can withstand attacks from adversaries. But, today, the tactic is evolving, with red teams using...

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