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Ebola, Emerging Pandemics and Synthetic Viruses

Ebola: photo NIAID “Viruses like Ebola are notoriously sloppy in replicating, meaning the virus entering one person may be genetically different from the virus entering the next. The current Ebola virus’s hyper-evolution is unprecedented;...


Virus Like Particle Vaccine Technology Applications

Virus Like Particle Vaccines (VLP) are multiprotein structures that mimic the organization and conformation of authentic native viruses but lack the viral genome, potentially yielding safer and cheaper vaccine candidates. A handful of prophylactic...


Iran kicks off massive Gulf military drills

Tehran (AFP) Dec 25, 2014 – Iran launched extensive military drills on Thursday, local media reported, in a show of strength stretching several hundred kilometres from the Strait of Hormuz to the Gulf of...


Ebola: An Issue of Biological Defence

Many nations where Ebola (EBV) has been endemic and nations which have never seen an EBV outbreak before, have experienced civil war and or on-going conflict. Peacekeeping forces are exposed to a range of...


GMU Biodefense Published

Dr. Trevor Thrall, Director of the George Mason Graduate Program in Biodefense, and Erik Goepner, retired Air Force and Pandora Report Contributor extraordinaire, co-wrote a piece for reason.com titled Soft Hearts and Hard Minds:...


Ebola a Personal Note

It’s been some time since I’ve posted an update on Black Six. The Ebola outbreak, which emerged last year, has consumed most of my time over the last several months. During my absence from...


US foreign policy priorities through to 2017

Key Points With both houses of Congress controlled by the opposition Republican Party, Democratic US president Barack Obama will struggle to push through legislation in his final two years in office, instead turning to...


Russia upgrades its missile arsenal

Key Points In order to maintain a credible nuclear deterrent force, Russia is undergoing an ambitious missile modernisation programme that will affect all three legs of its missile triad. Moscow is likely to remain...


Searching for Evidence of a Nuclear Test

CTBTO Head Lassina Zerbo overseeing the equipment in use during IFE14. Photo Courtesy of CTBTO By CTBTOVIENNA, Dec 22 2014 (IPS) The most sophisticated on-site inspection exercise conducted to date by the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban...


How to Make a GaN Biosensor

Researchers from North Carolina State University have found a way of binding peptides to the surface of gallium nitride (GaN) in a way that keeps the peptides stable even when exposed to water and...

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